We understand the worry caused by having a loved one in hospital, and we appreciate the contribution which family and friends can make towards a patient’s general wellbeing and recovery from illness. Our aim is to ensure patients in hospital can benefit from visits from friends and family in a safe and supportive way. In April 2023, we relaxed our visiting rules as part of our approach to ‘learning to live with Covid’. The information below sets out how we now support patient visiting across all of our hospital services.

We very much welcome essential caregivers to visit their relatives and provide the kinds of support they would usually offer, such as help at mealtimes and with personal care. Should there be exceptional circumstances, for example if a patient is extremely ill or dying, and for those with learning disabilities or dementia, we will be happy to flex our approach to visiting and make special arrangements if necessary. Please feel free to discuss your requirements and those of your loved one at any time with the ward sister, charge nurse or nurse in charge.

Rules for all visitors to all departments

  • Face masks are no longer essential when visiting loved ones in hospital, including at the patient’s bedside, on hospital corridors or in other public areas/areas of high footfall. There are a small number of exceptions in high risk areas such as the Queen’s Centre, Ward 50 and the Dialysis Unit, where we ask that visitors continue to wear a face covering at the bedside unless clinically exempt.
  • Visitors must wash their hands thoroughly on arrival and on leaving the ward / department.
  • Patients with confirmed Covid-19 or other infections will not be allowed visitors, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Should there be a rise in infections or an outbreak on a ward, we will temporarily close the ward to visitors and all non-essential staff to minimise the risk of spreading infection.
  • Children under the age of 12 should not visit for infection control reasons, due to the risks posed to both child and patient(s). Any exceptions must be agreed by the nurse or midwife in charge. All children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Visitors must refrain from sitting on beds and use chairs provided.
  • Please do not visit if you have signs of illness such as diarrhoea, vomiting, cold or flu like symptoms, to avoid passing on any infections.

General ward visiting

  • Visiting hours are between 11.00am and 7.00pm with a maximum of two visitors per patient at any one time.
  • The two visitors do not have to be the same two visitors throughout the patient’s hospital stay, but friends and family are encouraged to coordinate visiting between themselves before arriving at hospital.
  • We encourage visiting at mealtimes in order that you may help loved ones with eating and drinking.
  • Please be patient; sometimes you may be asked to step away from your relative if they need assessment or treatment.
  • On occasions, we may need to close a ward for infection control reasons. If this is the case, visiting will still be allowed in certain circumstances, so please discuss how this might affect your loved one and any specific needs they may have with the ward sister, charge nurse or nurse in charge.

Emergency Department (ED)

  • A maximum of one visitor per patient is permitted in ED unless there are exceptional circumstances and subject to agreement with the charge nurse or sister.
  • In Children’s ED, both parents / guardians may attend but if the waiting room becomes crowded, we may ask one of you to wait elsewhere.


  • A maximum of one visitor may accompany a patient to their Outpatients appointment, unless there are exceptional circumstances and subject to agreement with the charge nurse or sister.

Intensive Care Units, HRI and Castle Hill

Please contact ICU to make visiting arrangements for your relative or loved one. Each unit will make every effort to safely accommodate visiting for critically ill patients, though this may be subject to restrictions on numbers of visitors at any given time.

Maternity, Neonatal Care and Paediatrics

Appointments and scans

  • Women attending the Antenatal Day Unit for growth scans and any antenatal appointments are able to bring one adult with them.

Fatima Allam Birth Centre and Labour Ward

A maximum of two birth partners may attend for the duration of a woman’s labour and birth.

Antenatal and Postnatal Wards

  • Visiting by a single birth partner is permitted 9.00am – 9.00pm. A second birth partner may also attend between the hours of 3.00pm – 4.00pm, and 6.00pm – 7.00pm.
  • Visiting by children is permitted between the hours of 3.00pm – 4.00pm, and 6.00pm – 7.00pm. Please note that a child counts as one of a woman’s two permitted visitors during these hours.

Neonatal Care

  • Babies in receipt of Neonatal Intensive Care are allowed a maximum of two parents/main carers at any time of day or night. All efforts are made to give parents the chance to be together with critically ill babies.
  • Siblings and grandparents are permitted to visit between 2.00pm and 7.00pm; children must be supervised.

Paediatric High Dependency Unit, Woodland Ward and Acorn Ward

Two parents / guardians are permitted at any time. Visits by siblings must be arranged with the ward in advance. For children staying in hospital more than 48 hours, other visitors are permitted for one hour on arrangement with the ward.

Paediatric Assessment Unit

Two parents/main carers may attend with the child for assessment, no siblings please.

Ward 33, Queens Centre

  • Due to the clinical vulnerability of this patient group, we ask that visitors to the high dependency area of Ward 33 take a lateral flow test which produces a negative test result before visiting the hospital.

What should I bring?

If you are planning to visit a loved one in hospital, you may wish to bring them things to support their personal care and/or to keep them occupied. In general, patients in hospital may benefit from:

  • Toiletries such as deodorant, soap/shower gel and toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Change of nightwear/clothing
  • Items to keep them occupied e.g. books or puzzles
  • A small amount of money e.g. to buy a drink or newspaper
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Snacks or cordials (please discuss what might be suitable with a health professional first)

Please do not bring:

  • Valuable items or items of significant sentimental value
  • Flowers

Patient Mail

We would kindly ask that you do not post mail or parcels to patients in hospital. As patients can move between wards or be discharged at home at short notice, we cannot guarantee a parcel’s journey to the right place/person and cannot be held responsible for non-delivery. Our internal mailing system is not designed to handle large volumes of incoming patient mail, and must be used to support NHS business/movement of documentation first and foremost.

You are welcome to bring items in person as outlined above. If there is something specific you would like to bring or that your loved one is asking for and you’re at all unsure about its suitability, please ask a member of ward staff for advice.

Ward Contact Numbers

Hull Royal Infirmary

Department Phone Number
Acorn Ward
Paediatric Surgery
01482 602703
01482 602679
Acute Assessment Unit HRI 01482 675042
Chaplains 01482 675966
Day Surgery Unit (Duchess of Kent) 01482 675066
Emergency Department 01482 482174
Elderly Short Stay Unit
Eye Clinic
Ophthalmology Outpatients
01482 608788
Fracture Clinic (Adults) 01482 674378
Fracture Clinic (Children) 01482 675181 (weekdays)
01482 674378 (weekends)
Frailty Assessment Beds (FAB) HRI
Frailty Assessment Beds
01482 482343
Gynaecology Outpatients HRI 01482 607829
Intensive Care Unit
01482 311728 (reception)
01482 311727 (nurses station)
01482 311736 (nurses station)
01482 311737 (nurses station)
Intensive Care Unit
01482 311724 (reception)
01482 311729 (nurses station)
01482 311732 (nurses station)
01482 311733 (nurses station)
IVF Unit 01482 382648
Labour Ward 01482 604390 and 01482 604490
Medical Day Unit 01482 482287
Medical Outpatients 01482 674853
MRI 01482 674080
Neonatal Unit (NICU) HRI
Neonatal Unit
01482 604443
01482 604391
Neuro-Oncology Specialist Nursing Team
Oncology and Neurosurgery
01482 607831
Orthopaedic Clinic 01482 675181
Paediatric Assessment Unit 01482 674455
Paediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU)
Paediatric High Dependency Unit
01482 675821
Plastic Trauma and Surgical Outpatients 01482 674789
Plastics Trauma Clinic HRI
Plastics Trauma
01482 674509
Ward 10 HRI
Winter Ward
01482 675010
Ward 100 HRI
01482 675100
Ward 11 HRI
Stroke / Neurology
01482 675011
Ward 110 HRI
01482 675110
Ward 12 HRI
Trauma and Orthopaedics
01482 675012
01482 674230
Ward 120 HRI
Orthopaedics, Maxillofacial and ENT
01482 675120
Ward 130 HRI
Woodland Ward
01482 674465
Ward 30 (Cedar) HRI
01482 604387
Ward 31 (Maple) HRI
Antenatal and postnatal care
01482 607779
Ward 33 (Rowan) HRI
Antenatal and postnatal care
01482 605381
Ward 35 HRI
Eye Hospital
01482 604385
01482 604346
Ward 36 HRI
Acute Medicine
01482 482136
Ward 37 HRI
Acute Medicine Short Stay
01482 311349
Ward 38 HRI
01482 311345
Ward 4 HRI
01482 675004
Ward 40 HRI
01482 675040
Ward 5 and Respiratory High Dependency Unit HRI
Chest Medicine / Respiratory
01482 675005
Ward 50 HRI
01482 675050
Ward 500 HRI
Chest Medicine
01482 482225
Ward 6 HRI
01482 675006
Ward 60 HRI
01482 675060
Ward 7 HRI
01482 675007
Ward 70 HRI
General Medicine and Rheumatology
01482 675070
Ward 8 HRI
Medical Elderly Short Stay
01482 675008
Ward 80 HRI
Medical Elderly / Progression to Discharge Unit
01482 675080
Ward 9 HRI
Medical Elderly
01482 675009
Ward 90 HRI
Elderly females
01482 675090

Castle Hill Hospital

Department Phone Number
Breast Care Unit CHH 01482 622633
Cardiology 5-day Ward
01482 461517
Chaplains 01482 675966
Intensive Care Unit
01482 461511
Intensive Care Unit
01482 622670
Day Surgery Unit (Daisy Building) 01482 461751 and 01482 461750
Disability Medicine and Rehabilitation 01482 461021
Endoscopy Unit 01482 622065
GI Physiology 01482 624036
Haematology 01482 461087
Haemophilia 01482 461403
Humberside Breast Screening Service 01482 622300
IMIC – Immunomodulatory Infusion Centre
Immunology / Inflammatory Bowel Disease
01482 461436
Lymphoedema 01482 461110
Macmillan Chemotherapy Nurse Specialists 01482 461082
Maxillofacial Outpatients 01482 468317
MRI 01482 674080
Neuro-Oncology Specialist Nursing Team
Oncology and Neurosurgery
01482 607831
Oncology 01482 461156
Palliative Care 01482 461146
Queen’s Centre
Oncology and Haematology
01482 461145
01482 461144
Queen’s Centre Day Treatment Unit 01482 461118
Queen’s Centre Outpatients
Immunology, antibiotic therapy, haematology, oncology
01482 461015
Queen’s Centre Pharmacy 01482 674409
Radiation Physics 01482 461377
Radiotherapy 01482 461191
Surgical Admissions Lounge (SAL) CHH
Surgical Admissions
01482 624258
Teenage and Young Adult Unit (TYAC) 01482 461016
Urology Ambulatory Unit CHH 01482 623012
Ward 1 CHH
Complex Rehab
01482 461021 and 01482 461052
Ward 10 CHH
Colorectal Surgery
01482 623010
Ward 11 CHH
01482 623011
Ward 14 CHH
Upper GI / Maxillofacial Surgery
01482 623014
Ward 15 CHH
01482 623015
Ward 16 CHH
Breast, ENT and Plastics
01482 468616
Ward 19 CHH 01482 623019
Ward 21 CHH 01482 623021
Ward 26 CHH
01482 461715
Ward 27 CHH
01482 461621
Ward 28 / CMU
01482 461603 (Ward 26) and 01482 461600 (CMU)
Ward 29 CHH
Cancer Assessment Unit (CAU)
01482 469118
Ward 3 CHH
Neurosurgery Outpatients
01482 623003
Ward 30 CHH
01482 461029
Ward 31 CHH
01482 461025
Ward 32 CHH
01482 461019
Ward 33 CHH
01482 461016
Ward 7 CHH
Infectious Diseases
01482 623020
Ward 9 CHH
01482 623009

This information was last reviewed on: 16 September 2022