The training philosophy is:

To create a culture to empower all staff to develop through education and training to maintain a skilled and competent workforce and to ensure compliance with Trust’s mandatory training and with regulatory and accreditation bodies, such as MHRA, HTA, UKAS, HCPC, IBMS, to ensure that a safe and quality service is maintained.

The Pathology Division is committed to providing an inclusive environment for staff that allows for effective and equitable training, education and development opportunities for all. In conjunction with the Trust Education and Development Policy, Pathology is committed to providing training which ensures that all staff members have the appropriate skills and knowledge to provide a high quality pathology service.

The departments within Pathology are fully accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (IBMS) for support worker qualifications, for registration portfolios, and post-registration qualifications such as Specialist Portfolios and Higher Specialist Diplomas.

The departments are also accredited by The National School of Healthcare Sciences (NSHCS) for scientific training.

Pathology works alongside local Universities and HYMS to provide placements for trainee scientific and medical staff and has a well-deserved reputation for providing an excellent training environment and has an established record of success in training and development of staff.

Pathology is also passionate about engaging with the community, in particular local schools and colleges to promote Healthcare Sciences not only as a career option but to inform students of the vital role pathology plays in the healthcare pathway. Through this engagement the continuity and continuation of laboratory services within the NHS for the next 70 years is ensured.

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We are happy to provide careers information, attendance at career events, and Pathology talks and where possible laboratory tours. Please contact our Pathology Training Manager at