Blood collection tube shortage information
There is worldwide supply chain disruption affecting our blood tube supplies. The tubes affected are: the gold top SST II tubes, lavender EDTA K3 tubes and the pale blue top citrate tubes. We urgently need your assistance to help manage supplies of these tubes. Please read the communication for CCGs.

The Pathology Supplies Team is committed to providing assurance about the quality and consistency of service delivery across to all Pathology laboratory departments.

All Pathology supplies policies and procedures are defined in accordance with Trust policies. Purchasing through the NHS Supplies chain does not require further tendering by the Trust and in some cases mini-competitions based on commitment guarantees may be possible. The prices stated on the NHS Supplies chain website are inclusive of vat, operational and carriage costs.

External goods and services

External goods and services required are requested on requisitions forwarded to the Supplies department by the Pathology Supplies Team for processing as stock orders or non-stock purchase orders. Internal goods and services required are requested on requisitions sent to the appropriate supplying department.

Requirements for requisitioning

A Non Stock and Stock Order Request Form should be fully completed and sent to the PST team for all requests. Requisition requests may be delayed if all the information required is not provided.

Consumables requests

GP Surgeries and other external customers can request consumables for the collection and transport of specimens to the Pathology department. These are requested via the Pathology Consumables Order Form.

Invoice payments

Invoice payments are managed by East Lancashire Financial Shared Services (ELFs). Invoice queries can be made to ELFs via email or telephone 01254 732014.

Contact Us

We are happy to provide additional information on supplies and ordering processes or any clarification. Please contact our Pathology Supplies Team at or call us on 01482 607820.