Histology involves the examination of biopsies and surgical specimens taken from patients in clinics or during operations. Consultant Pathologists, Advanced Practitioners in Specimen Dissection, Biomedical Scientists and laboratory support staff work together to process and analyse the sample. The samples are examined both visually and microscopically to determine the diagnosis. A diagnostic report is then sent to the appropriate clinician or doctor who explains the results to the patients.

The department handles approximately 40,000 surgical cases per year and provides a diagnostic service for a population of over 500,000.


  • Routine histology
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Special staining
  • Renal biopsies
  • Direct immunofluorescence techniques
  • Hirschsprungs biopsies
  • Digital imaging (macroscopic and microscopic)
  • Autopsy histology
  • Urgent frozen section for ocular / plastics reconstruction
  • Urgent intra-operative frozen sections

All frozen sections need to be pre-booked to ensure Pathologist availability; please contact the admin and clerical team on 01482 607734.

See Cellular Pathology for opening times, members of the team and contact details.