The Pathology Vision and Values statements have been decided on by staff members within the Pathology department.

  • We are a patient-focused department which recognises the absolute requirement to provide a high quality analytical service supplemented by sound clinical advice.
  • To us every sample is a precious sample.
  • Our Pathology service is exactly that — a service.

Pathology Service Mission Statement

We will be recognised as delivering world class Pathology services to our patients, families and healthcare professionals, within a culture of quality, innovation and business excellence.

Pathology Values

We will

  • Communicate clearly and honestly
  • Respect each other
  • Treat everyone equally and fairly
  • Be team players
  • Praise and encourage
  • Share our knowledge

We will not

  • Ignore inappropriate behaviour
  • Take the easy option
  • Accept that it has always been this way
  • Settle for low standards
  • Demean others
  • Blame