First Floor, Women and Children’s Hospital

Contact Number: 01482 604387

Ward 30 is a dedicated 24 hour gynaecology day case / short stay / inpatient ward for women who require admission due to gynaecological surgery, conditions or as an emergency.

Preparation Prior to Surgery

Please follow nil by mouth instruction in your admission letter.

Skin preparation – Please have a bath or shower , using a clean flannel or sponge, both the night before and the morning of your surgery.

It is important that you plan for your discharge home, so plan who will be there to help you when you return home.

What to bring into Hospital

You will need to bring your nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, toiletries, tissues and a packet of sanitary towels into hospital with you, plus any medications that you are currently taking. You may also choose to bring in some recreational activity e.g. books, iPod, knitting.

It is important that you bring in all your medicines you are on when coming into the ward.

We would recommend that you buy a stock of painkillers to have at home for your discharge.

We would advise you to bring in some causal, loose clothes to go home in as this will be more comfortable.

Day of Admission

On the day of admission you will be shown to your bed and a nurse will take your blood pressure, pulse, temperature. You will be given anti-embolic stockings to put on if required . Your consultant or one of their team will take a medical history. An anaesthetist will speak to you about the anaesthetic and the types they can offer.

Any friends or relatives who may have accompanied you to the ward will be expected to leave once they have dropped you off.

More information for patients on anaesthetics can be found at You and your anaesthetic.

For some surgery you will receive a blood thinning injection and some antibiotics prior to surgery. A nurse will walk you to theatre, please remember to bring a dressing gown and slippers into hospital to cover your theatre gown.

Ward Information

When you come into hospital, you will be under the care of a consultant and his or her team of doctors.


You will be served your meals at your bedside.

Facilities on the Ward

At all patient bedside we provide Hospedia television and telephone facilities. This provides hospital patients with entertainment and communications.

Visiting Hours

Maximum of two visitors per woman are allowed on the ward at any time. We do allow patients children only onto the ward


  • Orchard Cafe Ground Floor of Hospital – opening hours Monday to Friday 9am till 4pm for light snacks and beverages
  • Vending Machines Are situated in a large waiting area on the ground floor of the Women and Children’s Hospital
  • Shop There is a newsagents/general convenience store in front of the Tower Block

Key Staff

  • Head of Midwifery/Gynaecology Nursing
    Janet Cairns
  • Ward Sister
    Charlotte Fear