Gynaecological Clinical Nurse Specialists

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible practice for those women and their families/friends, who are suspected to have or have been given a diagnosis of a gynaecological cancer. Our aim is to provide support and information, enabling them to make informed choices regarding their treatment options.

We work in partnership with patients, families, carers, health care professionals and management in order to facilitate:

  • Informed patient choices.
  • Individual and family confidence with the service provided.
  • Positive outcomes in symptom management by relevant advanced clinical decision-making.
  • Leadership in development of clinical practice.
  • Reduction in psychological stress for patients, carers and health care professionals.
  • Equity of service offered respecting the uniqueness of every individual.
  • A collaborative approach to pro-active development of ongoing educational programmes within the multi-disciplinary setting.
  • A needs led provision of information and support.
  • All documentation will comply with the NMC Code of Professional Conduct and Guidelines and Guidelines for Record Keeping.
  • Evidence based practice monitored by audit.

The CNS is committed to an innovative holistic and flexible approach. This approach will include service developments and the ongoing evaluation and response to the needs of the individual regarding information on their illness.

Patients, families and carers will have access to timely information throughout the whole of their journey on treatment and as indicated palliation.

In-patient services areas covered include:

  • Wards 12, 14, 29-33 at CHH
  • Ward 34 at HRI
  • Any other ward with a gynae-oncology patient within the trust.

Outpatient Services – areas covered include:

  • Women’s Health Outpatients at CHH (specifically Tuesday pm combined gynae-oncology clinic)
  • Gynaecology Outpatient Department at HRI (specifically Thursday am new patient clinic)
  • General OPD at  HRI  if requested by another speciality consultant if they are giving a new gynaecology cancer diagnosis.
  • Oncology out-patients as required.
  • MRI centre.

Who’s who – Gynae-Oncology Specialist Team

Consultant Gynaecology Oncologists

Mr T Giannopoulos
Dr Flynn
Dr Booth

  • Secretary: Pauline, 01482 624098

Gynae-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

Jean Sharpless
Lynn Holmes

  • Telephone: 01482 624033
  • Fax: 01482 622199
  • Page via the Hospital Switchboard: 01482 875875
  • Address:
    Corner Office, Main Reception
    Castle Hill Hospital
    E. Yorks
    HU16 5JQ
  • Email:

MRI Consultants

Prof L Turnbull
Dr C Hauff

  • MRI Centre, HRI: 01482 674080

MDT meetings take place every Friday morning when patients are discussed from the Network.

Oncology Consultants

Dr P O’Neill
Dr F Bashir
Dr A Hamid

  • Dr O’Neill Secretary, Julie: 01482 461309
  • Dr Bashir Secretary, Trish: 01482 461300
  • Dr Hamid Secretary, Pat: 01482 461302

Outpatient and Inpatient Departments

  • Women and Children’s, HRI
    Tel: 01482 607829
  • Women’s Health Outpatients, CHH
    Tel: 01482 624045
  • Oncology Outpatients, CHH
    Tel: 01482 461156
  • Ward 12, CHH
  • Tel: 01482 623012

Patient Information

  • Examination under anaesthetic for suspected gynaecological cancer
  • Hysterectomy for Endometrial cancer
  • Radical Hysterectomy
  • Surgery for a pelvic mass
  • Surgery for vulval cancer

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