Endometriosis is a chronic debilitating disease that affects 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth. It can have serious physical implications for those suffering from it. It can cause painful periods, pelvic pain, ‘dyspareunia’, (painful intercourse), bowel pain and urinary problems. In addition endometriosis can also make it difficult to conceive.

This complex disease can affect every aspect of life including physical, mental, social, fertility and psychosexual health.

Given the complex nature of this disease, endometriosis requires a team approach, with experts working together in a seamless fashion to deliver good multidisciplinary care.

About the endometriosis centre:

At our endometriosis clinic, we offer you supported and integrated care, provided by a ‘multidisciplinary’ team of Gynaecologists, a Nurse Specialist, Laparoscopic Bowel Surgeons, Urologists and the Pain Team.

Our consultants are expert in the management of all stages of endometriosis, including the most complex surgical techniques. You will be involved in all decisions about your care, and your treatment plans will always be based on what is right for you and your needs.

Our nurse specialist attends the weekly clinic and is available by telephone to provide you with ongoing support as well as monitoring the impact of your symptoms on your quality of life for up to two years following surgery.

Key Staff

Consultant Gynaecologist

  • Mrs J Allen
  • Mr K Cunningham

Endometriosis Specialist Nurse

Colorectal Surgeon

  • Mr J Gunn


  • Mr A Myatt

Pain Management Specialist

  • Dr B Culbert

Endometriosis Secretaries: Kath and Dawn, contact:

01482 624259
01482 624098

Location of outpatient clinic:

Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham

Gynaecology Outpatients in the Breast clinic
Contact Number: 01482 622633
Friday morning clinic.

How do I get an appointment?

We accept referrals from any GP or doctor via the normal referral pathways and these referrals will be triaged to appropriate consultant.

Information Leaflets

HEY-921/2017 — Endometriosis and Surgery

Useful links

More information is on the Endometriosis UK website.