The GI System (gastrointestinal) relates to the organs and systems in the digestive system. The major GI System processes that are vital for good health are motility (movement), secretion (e.g. release of gastric juices that help you get nutrients from your food), regulation, digestion and circulation.

The Department of GI Physiology mainly deals with diagnostic investigations that are carried out to assess the functioning of the whole of the GI tract (all digestive organs and systems from mouth through to anus). These investigations vary greatly. These range from the process of swallowing, to evaluation and therapy for disorders of defecation in patients with pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Our service is continuing to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Procedures are in place to enable you to attend your appointment safely. This includes increased time and cleaning between procedures, the wearing of full PPE by staff undertaking the procedures and telephone COVID pre-screening assessments.

Department Manager

Mr Warren Jackson,
GI Physiology Manager,
Principal Clinical Scientist.


Referrals (private and NHS) are received from clinical staff and General Practitioners. Patients are unable to self-refer.