The specialist rehabilitation unit is located on Ward 29 of the Queen’s Centre. The unit provides specialist inpatient rehabilitation care with a view the aim of optimising our patient’s level of functioning. This incorporates specialist clinical care with a key emphasis of physical activity promotion.

A large proportion of our patients have a neurological diagnosis that requires our rehabilitation services after major trauma. Each patient is provided with an individualised rehabilitation program based on clinical assessment.

Multidisciplinary input comes from various clinical specialties including medical, neuropsychological, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech and language therapists and nursing.

The unit has the aspiration to achieve a level 2a status based on data submission to the UK Rehabilitation Outcome Collaboration.

Leisure time equipment acquisition is ongoing in other to optimise rehabilitation potential and ensure holistic rehabilitation therapy.

Referrals to the service are made either to Dr Salawu via his secretary on 761295 or direct to the ward on 761021.

Referrals are accepted from all clinical areas of the hospital after which an assessment by the rehabilitation medicine consultant. Regular family meetings with support are offered to our patients families and care givers. Timely discharge planning with social worker input to ensure appropriate post discharge placement is undertaken.

An outpatient service is offered providing clinical input on spasticity management with pharmacotherapy, botulinum toxin and physical therapy. Complex mobility assessment with specialist orthotic prescription and clinical gait analysis.

Service Lead

Dr Abayomi Salawu

Key Contacts

  • Dr Abayomi Salawu
  • Rachel Hoggarth

Contact Us

01482 461021

Useful Links

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