Please talk to our staff if you have any questions about your care. Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service is also available to help or signpost you if you do not know who to speak to.

We aim to deliver consistently high standards of care and welcome your compliments, comments, suggestions as well as any concerns you may have in order that we can improve our services.

We hope that, whatever treatment you need, our care meets your expectations. We follow NHS guidance on how we care for you.

You can expect…

  • To be seen by a health professional you trust.
  • To get a clear explanation of your condition and what treatments are available.
  • To know what risks, benefits and alternative treatments there are.
  • Your request to seek a second opinion to be respected.
  • To give your informed consent before any operation or procedure.
  • To be able to see your patient records and be sure that the information recorded will remain confidential (Data Protection Act, 1998).
  • If you complain, you should get a written acknowledgement within 3 working days and a response to your complaint within 40 working days. Complex complaints may take longer.
  • We will respect your right as a patient and protect your privacy and dignity as an inpatient or during an outpatient appointment.

Please do…

  • Ask a member of staff caring for you to explain further if there is anything you are worried about.
  • Listen carefully to advice on your treatment and medication.
  • Tell staff about any treatments you are already undertaking.
  • Treat our staff, fellow patients and visitors politely and with respect. We will not accept violence, racial, sexual or verbal harassment.
  • Tell us of any changes to your personal circumstances i.e. change of address or GP.
  • Feel free to ask if a member of staff has washed their hands before attending to you.
  • Not smoke in the buildings or in the grounds of the hospital except in a designated smoking shelter.
  • Ask a member of staff before using a mobile phone.