Your Consultation

It is not always possible for every patient to be seen by the consultant personally and you may be seen by another member of the team. The Trust is a teaching hospital, so you may be asked whether you object to student nurses or doctors observing your appointment. Please be assured that if you do not agree to this, your treatment will not be affected.

Below we have provided a guide to prepare yourself for your upcoming appointment and how to get the best out of your consultation.

Before your consultation:

  • Do you understand why you are attending?
  • If you receive a letter and are unsure what it is about, you should call the appointments number on your letter to ask why you are attending, and if it is still relevant.
  • Write down any important questions you would like to ask your clinician.
  • Bring a list of your current medications, including any supplements.
  • Write down a description of your current symptoms.
  • Ask a family member or friend to attend your appointment with you if that would make you feel more comfortable.

During your consultation:

  • If you don’t understand what your clinician is saying, then ask them to repeat it. Do not be afraid to say you do not understand.
  • You can write down information as your Doctor or specialist nurse gives it to you, or you can ask them to write down anything you are unsure of.
  • Check that you have had your questions answered before you leave.
  • Check that you understand your plan going forward, including any tests or treatments you may require.
  • You may be asked to provide a sample of blood or urine. You may also be asked to remove some of your clothes for examination, in which case you would be chaperoned by a nurse. You may also have other tests such as X-rays, ECG etc.

After your consultation:

  • Keep your notes safe of what you have discussed so you can refer back to the information given to you.
  • Book any tests or further appointments that you are able to.
  • Ask when you can expect any test results or further appointments, and who to contact should you not hear anything.
  • You can also ask the nurse running your clinic for any help, advice or further information.
  • The doctor may issue a prescription during your visit, which can only be dispensed at the hospital pharmacy.

Hull Royal Infirmary

Department Location
Antenatal Outpatients Women and Children's Hospital
Audiology 1st Floor Tower Block
Chest Clinic 2nd Floor Tower Block
Children’s Outpatients Women and Children's Hospital
Diabetes Outpatients
Allam Diabetes Centre
Eye Clinic
Ophthalmology Outpatients
Eye Hospital on Fountain Street
Fracture Clinic (Adults) Ground Floor Tower Block
Fracture Clinic (Children) 1st Floor Tower Block (weekdays) and Ground Floor Tower Block (weekends)
Gynaecology Outpatients HRI Women and Children's Hospital
Interventional Radiology
Main Outpatients HRI 1st Floor Tower Block
Medical Elderly Outpatients Ground Floor Tower Block (next to Emergency Department)
Medical Outpatients 1st Floor Tower Block
Metabolic Bone Disease Outpatients
Metabolic Bone Disease
Allam Diabetes Centre
Orthopaedic Clinic 1st Floor Tower Block
Plastic Trauma and Surgical Outpatients 1st Floor Tower Block
Therapies Outpatients HRI
Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Orthotics
Therapies Building 
near MRI Centre and The East Riding Medical Education Centre (ERMEC)

Castle Hill Hospital

Department Location
Breast Screening Outpatients Breast Care Unit
Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Outpatients Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Centre
ECG Outpatients Entrance 1 between Wards 6 and 7
Gynaecology Outpatients CHH Main Block
Hull Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre Entrance 2
Main Outpatients CHH General Outpatients
Maxillofacial Outpatients Entrance 1
Plastic Surgery Outpatients Entrance 2 Main Block
Pre-Assessment Clinic Pre-Assessment Building (adjacent to Main Outpatients)
Queen’s Centre Outpatients
Immunology, antibiotic therapy, haematology, oncology
Queen's Centre
Therapies Outpatients CHH Entrance 2 Therapies Centre

Other sites

Department Location
Artificial Limb Unit Sykes Street, Hull, HU2 8BB
General Outpatients East Riding Community Hospital, Swinemoor Lane, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 0FA