Hull Maternity Services

This is a large maternity unit with over 5000 births per year.

You will be cared for by midwives with medical facilities and doctors on hand if you need them.

As a University Teaching Hospital there are a wide variety of students who come to gain experience of labour wards including, student midwives, student doctors and student paramedics.

There are a number of ways we can help you manage your labour.

If you arrive in the early stages of labour

When you’re in established labour you’ll be admitted to the labour ward.

You’ll be seen by a midwife who will check the progress of your labour.

You’ll be encouraged to go home if you are in the early stages, or you may be admitted to the antenatal ward. If you do stay you can have access to TENS and birthing balls in the antenatal ward.

What happens during labour and birth

Contact us for more information

Angie Rymer
Labour Ward Matron
Call us on 01482 604490
Or call us on 01482 604390

Birth partners

One nominated labour partner (adult) can be present throughout labour.

For women who have an operative birth i.e. caesarean section, this person may be present in the theatre and for the recovery time which is usually 4-6 hours.