Hull Maternity Services

The Linnaea Team – Multiples Pregnancy Continuity Care Team

We are a team of Midwives, consultants, radiographers, obstetric physiotherapist & midwifery assistants all with a special interest in multiple births.

Our aim is to provide specialist care and support to families having multiple births to improve outcomes for them.

Using TAMBA (Twins & Multiple Birth Association) as our guidance we provide individualised care pathways for specific types of multiples, this includes;

  • An increase in the number of scans by senior Sonographers / Radiologist
  • Specialised antenatal education packages
    • To book please call 07769671449
  • Care by the same consultant where possible
  • Specialist alongside midwife clinics run by just 3 midwives to improve continuity
  • Specialist Labour & Delivery Midwives known to the family (where possible)
  • Weekly multidisciplinary meeting with the team to discuss any pregnancies which are deviating from normal to identify any special requirements

More information can be found on the TAMBA – Twins & Multiple Birth Association website