Fertility, Pregnancy and Vaccination Webinar FAQ – Your Questions and Concerns Answered - Wednesday 12th January 2022

This document outlines responses to questions raised from the Fertility, Pregnancy, and Vaccination Webinar organised on Wednesday 12th January 2022. Several questions posed to presenters were gathered and grouped into key themes to create this FAQ document. References and suggested links for further reading are included.

Presenters were:

  • Adam Balen – Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Leeds – member RCOG covid-19 Vaccine Committee, member WHO Infertility Guideline Group, Past Chair British Fertility Society.
  • Dr Ken Hodson – Consultant in Obstetrics and Maternal Medicine, Head of the UK Teratology Information Service, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  • Rukeya Miah – Deputy Associate director of Nursing / Senior Midwife / PMA – Bradford District & Craven Vaccination Programme





Vaccine safety

Vaccine scheduling

Natural immunity