Hull Maternity Services

At your first appointment with your midwife, it may be necessary for the midwife to refer you to a Consultant Obstetrician. The referral is to ask for advice to see if you need to see a doctor during your antenatal care. There are many reasons this might be necessary and these will be discussed with you.  Even if you are under a consultant obstetrician for your care, you will mainly see your midwife at your local setting. However some of your appointments may be with the consultant at the hospital. A plan of care for your appointments will be discussed with you.

Common reasons for referral for advice at booking are:

  • Existing medical problems
  • High or Low body mass index (BMI)
    • Less than 18 or greater than 30
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrine problems
  • Previous caesarean
  • Previous small baby
  • Previous pregnancy loss

Reasons for transfer to Consultant Led Care in pregnancy include:

Further information of existing health problems and pregnancy induced conditions


If you have any concerns with regards to your appointments please contact:

Antenatal Clinic

  • Call us on 01482 607779 or 01482 605381