Hull Maternity Services

Congratulations on your pregnancy

What to do next:

Badger Notes
Badger Notes is an online system and app that allows you to access your maternity records from wherever you are. All you need is a PC, tablet device or mobile phone with access to an internet connection.
  • Ensure you have had a positive home pregnancy test – wait until your period is a few days late
  • Contact the direct access midwives and they will arrange your first appointment with a community midwife:
            Complete the Badger Notes self-referral form
            Call us on 01482 605304
            Text us on 07825 280822
            Email us at
  • Start taking folic acid 400mcg and vitamin D 10mcg
  • If you are taking any medication or have any health problems see your GP to discuss these
  • Advice on how to stay healthy during your pregnancy
  • Screening information for you and your baby
Find out more about Badger Notes

Have another question?

You can contact the Community Midwifery Office at the Women's and Children's Hospital:

  • Call us on 01482 382658

Unsure about your pregnancy?

If you are unsure you wish to continue with your pregnancy, you can speak to your GP or contact the Hull Pregnancy Advisory Service:

  • Call us on 01482 607843

Emotions in pregnancy

When you find out you are pregnant you may feel happy and excited, however sometimes you may feel shocked, scared, upset or anxious. Everybody is different; even if you have been trying to get pregnant your emotions may take you by surprise. Pregnancy hormones may affect how you feel and cause mood changes. You can talk to your GP or midwife about this.

If you are struggling emotionally and you feel you need extra support you can contact Let’s Talk:

  • If you live in Hull or the Humber Mental Health area:
    Call us on 01482 247111
  • If you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire:
    Call us on 01482 301701

You can also find advice on Your Emotional Wellbeing page.

Who's who in my pregnancy journey?

Only employees with a red strip on their ID badge are authorised to handle new-born infants.

Senior Midwifery

Blue uniform with red stripe

The Head of Midwifery along with the Lead Midwife and Labour Ward Matron  are responsible for the efficient running of the Maternity Services, they wear a navy uniform with red piping.


Blue uniform with white stripe

They assist with pregnancy, labour
and birth. Midwives wear a Stuart blue uniform with white piping.


Blue uniform with white stripe

They assist with pregnancy, labour
and birth. Sisters wear a navy uniform with white piping.



They have specific skills in their clinical specialty, working within outpatient and inpatient areas. They wear a light blue uniform with navy piping.


White tunic or dress with navy stripes

Midwifery Assistants help midwives with your care. They wear a white tunic or dress with navy stripes.


White tunic and blue lapels with one, two or three white stripes

They wear a white tunic with dark blue epaulettes and dark blue trousers.

1 Stripe = First Year Students
2 Stripes = Second Year
3 Stripes = Third Year


White shirt with black lapels

They escort and transport patients in beds and wheelchairs around the hospital. They wear a white shirt with black epaulets, and black trousers. They may also wear a black knitted tank top and a black tie is optional.

Doctors in

Blue or green scrubs

Doctors will be seen wearing theatre scrubs when they are on clinical duties



They wear the same green and white tops as the Occupational Health staff. They will screen your babies hearing in the Postnatal period.


Burgundy shirt

They ensure the smooth running of a hospital ward. They wear a burgundy shirt and
navy trousers.


White shirt with lilac stripes, or purple polo shirt

They work alongside midwives and nurses in the preparation and delivery of food to patients. They wear a purple polo shirt, or a white shirt with lilac stripes.


Purple tunic

They ensure that the area is clean and tidy to ensure safe and easy care for you and your baby. Our cleaning services are provided by OCS, and can be identified by their purple tunic.

Ward Clerk


Ward Clerks and Receptionists support visitors and patient care through administration and direction. They wear a patterned blouse and navy trousers.

Ward Hygienist

Burgundy shirt

Hygienists wear light green tunics and navy trousers.