Hull Maternity Services

Maple Ward is the antenatal ward. In this area we give care to women who need to stay in as an inpatient, and women who are seen on an outpatient basis. You will be cared for by a team of midwives, midwifery assistants and medical staff.

Services that are offered on Maple Ward

  • Inpatients ward area for women who require admissions for close monitoring and specific pregnancy needs.
  • Induction outpatient clinic, should you require induction of labour. This process can in some instances require an inpatient stay.
  • Urgent ‘out of hours’  antenatal assessments.
  • Enhanced recovery should women require an elective pre planned caesarean section for specific pregnancy related needs.

Who can visit

  • Ward visiting times are for your birthing partner only for 4 hours per day, 9am-1pm or 3pm-7pm.
  • The ward has protected meal time to enable hot meals to be served quickly. At this time the staff will not answer the door calls to admit anyone to the ward or to open the doors for exiting.
  • There is no visiting in the enhanced recovery area; however your nominated birth partner can accompany you throughout your caesarean section and in the recovery area for 4 hours following the operation. Once you have recovered you will be transferred to the postnatal ward.

Contact Details

  • Junior Sister Claire Porteus 01482 382799
  • Midwives Office 01482 607779