The Hull neonatal service is one of four Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) within the Yorkshire and Humber Neonatal Operational Delivery Network (ODN).

Neonatal Medical Care

The Department provides tertiary neonatal care for all gestations offering all types of medical therapy. As one of the 4 NICUs in the YNNODN, Hull also accept referrals from lower level units within the region and from other units that are experiencing capacity problems.  Stable patients with additional problems such as cardiac or neurological cardiac problems are managed with advice from regional centres or, transferred out to specialist centres, where needed.

Neonatal Surgery

Hull is a centre for neonatal general and retinopathy surgery and receives external referrals in for surgical opinion or management.  The Neonatal service works closely with a team of 5 Consultant paediatric Surgeons including consultants with special interest in paediatric urology and gastrointestinal conditions.

Transitional Care

Hull Neonatal Service is a leader in the model of neonatal-led Transitional Care provision within the postnatal ward setting. Offering a 4 bedded unit where both mother and baby can be cared for without separation whilst receiving specialist care from neonatal staff.

Location and Accommodation

The Department of Neonatal Medicine is located on the 2nd floor within the Women’s and Children’s Hospital on the Hull Royal Infirmary site.  The Neonatal Unit is commissioned for 5 to 6 intensive care cots, 6-7 high dependency cots and 14 special care cots, including 2 with space for resident parents.  There is flexibility between HDU and SCBU level cots allowing expansion of HDU provision where needed. There are 2 bedrooms on the NNU for resident parents of sick infants or those who live outside of the Hull area and 2 additional rooms for parents to room in with their babies.

The 4 transitional care cots are situated within Rowan (postnatal) ward on the 1st floor in the Women’s and children’s hospital.

Outpatient activity

All neonatal consultants provide ongoing outpatient care to children up to the age of 2 years. GP referrals are accepted for infants under 1 year of age. Outpatient provision includes specialist services in Cardiology, Neurodevelopment and Infantile Haemangiomas.

Clinics take place in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the East Riding Community Hospital.

There is a Neonatal Continuing Care Team that provides nursing support leading up to discharge and neonatal nursing care within the patient/families home environment following discharge for up to 6 weeks.

Fetal Medicine

The Neonatal services work in conjunction with the Obstetric led fetal medicine team with regular MDT working. Hull is a leading centre in the management and delivery of women with complex placenta acreta.

Neonatal Unit senior team


  • Neonatal Matron: Tracey Omar
  • Unit Manager: Francesca Matthews
  • Junior Sister: Caroline Altun
  • Clinical Nurse Educator Jenny Hemingway and Elizabeth Ware
  • Neonatal Continuing Care Team Lead Nurse: Vesna Blair
  • Transitional Care Lead Nurse: Vesna Blair
  • SCBU Lead: Hannah Hoff
  • Neonatal Feeding Support Lead: Rachael Dunhill
  • ANNP: Richard Nicholson, Kirsty Barlow and Kate Brown


  • Dr Aparna Manou, Consultant Neonatologist and Clinical Lead
  • Dr Hassan Gaili, Consultant Neonatologist
  • Dr Helen Yates, Consultant Neonatologist
  • Dr Hilary Klonin, Consultant Paediatric Critical Care Medicine
  • Dr Rana Alia, Consultant Neonatologist
  • Dr Sheima Hamad, Consultant Neonatologist
  • Dr Eleanor Peirce, Consultant Neonatologist

For any more information, please contact staff through the Neonatal Unit or Neonatal Secretaries on 01482 875875.