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Having a baby is an exciting time. Whether you are a first time mother or adding to your family, your experience is personal and unique.

Some of the screening tests offered can only be performed in early pregnancy, so it is important that you contact maternity services as soon as you have confirmed your pregnancy to ensure you can be offered all available screening tests.

During your first booking appointment your community midwife will discuss and offer you a range of screening tests, including blood tests and ultrasound baby scans. These are designed to check your health and your baby’s health and development.

Screening is offered to all pregnant women for:

Infectious Diseases

HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis because the chance of the infection passing from mum to baby can be greatly reduced with the correct treatment.

Sickle Cell and Thalassemia

These are genetic conditions passed down through families. If two people who are carriers have a baby together, there is an increased risk that their baby could inherit a haemoglobin disorder. It is also offered to the baby's biological father if the mother is found to be a carrier of or have a sickle cell or thalassemia condition.

Fetal Anomaly

Combined screening offers screening for Down, Edwards and Pataus syndromes and comprises an ultrasound scan and a blood test between 11+2 and 14+1 weeks. If you are later in your pregnancy you could have a quad test (blood test) which will screen for Down syndrome alone.

Ultrasound Scan

The scan between 18 weeks and 20+6 weeks looks at your baby in detail to look at all its organs and check it is developing properly rather than whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. There is a list of conditions that sonographers look for some are easy to see but others are more difficult and may not be seen at all.

Choosing whether or not to have these screening tests is an important decision. You do not have to have any tests offered, however to enable you to make a decision it is important that you understand the information given and the purpose of the tests.

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