Hull Maternity Services

Your Labour Bag


  • Birth preference plan and maternity notes
  • Several nightdresses or t-shirts — choose old ones as they are likely to get messy during labour
  • Slippers — for when you are walking around
  • Socks — to keep your feet warm
  • A lightweight dressing gown — a dark colour will hide any stains
  • Lip balm — to soothe your lips, which may become very dry
  • Water spray or sponge — to help keep you cool
  • Snacks and isotonic drinks — to keep your energy levels up
  • Maternity pads — useful for when your waters break
  • Prescribed medication you may have
  • Loose change for car parking

You may also want

  • Oil or lotion — if you want to be massaged
  • Pillow / fleecy blanket
  • Birth ball — this can be a useful aid during labour (provided on ward)
  • TENS machine — if you are planning to use one for pain relief
  • Music — some favourite tunes can be soothing
  • A brush and hair clips — to tie your hair back
  • Book, magazine or a tablet — to help pass the time
  • Tissues or wet wipes
  • Your mobile phone fully charged
  • A list of important phone numbers in case your phone runs out of battery

Dad / Partner's Bag

  • Clothes — to change into once the baby is born
  • Mobile phone — useful for timing contractions as well as for letting people know the baby has arrived (make sure its fully charged — you may not be allowed to charge it in the hospital)
  • Camera — fully charged so none of those special moments are missed
  • Snacks and drinks — so there's no need to leave if refreshment is required
  • Prescribed medication if you take any
  • Deodorant and toothbrush

After the Birth Bag

For you

  • Going home clothes — a loose comfortable outfit, remembering that your tummy won't have gone down yet
  • Nursing bras — two or three
  • Breast pads — to mop up any leaks
  • Maternity pads — at least two packs
  • Disposable pants — or old cotton ones that you're happy to throw away later
  • Open-fronted nightie — suitable for breastfeeding
  • Toiletries — wash things, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant
  • Plastic bags — to put dirty clothes into

For your baby

  • Baby clothes — vests, sleep suits, cardigans (at least three of each) and a hat and mittens, plus an all in one snow suit if it's cold
  • Muslins or bibs — useful for mopping up
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Baby toiletries and cotton wool
  • Baby blanket or shawl — for when you go home
  • Baby car seat — essential if you are driving home after the birth. Practise putting a teddy into the seat and fitting it in the car before you have your baby.
  • If you have made an informed decision to formula feed your baby, you will need to bring into hospital ready-made first infant milk in sealed bottles with teats like in the starter packs (we do not provide formula, bottles, teats or facilities to sterilise or make up powdered formula).