The Teenage and Young Adult Service provides inpatient and outpatient services for 19-24yrs old within the region and a shared care service for those patients aged 16-18yrs having treatments in Leeds.

Teenage Cancer Trust works closely with the unit. They have refurbished the inpatient area to provide a bespoke age appropriate environment where young people of a similar age can come together and share their experiences.

Did you know...?
We were the very first Teenage Cancer Trust shared care unit to open in the United Kingdom.

Social activities are an important part of the patient experience and the service offers residential opportunities and educational seminars to facilitate their recovery after treatment.

We work closely all site specific teams to enhance the care and support already given by the experts in their disease field. This collaborative approach ensures the best possible clinical care with the advantage of expertise in Teenage and Young Adult care to ensure the best possible psychosocial care.

Service Lead

Claire Swift
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Key Contacts

Dr Andy Fletcher
Consultant Haematologist

Charlene Kent
Youth Support Co-ordinator

Vic Walsh
Staff Nurse

Contact Us

  • 01482 461053 (Claire and Charlene)
  • 01482 461016 (unit)