1. Remove the cleaning swab from packaging.
  2. Using the polyester fibre-tipped cleaning swab with the white shaft, remove excess blood and mucus from the cervical os.
  3. Discard the used cleaning swab.
  4. Remove the pink collection swab from the packaging.
  5. Insert the collection swab into the cervical canal and rotate for 15-30 seconds.
  6. Withdraw the swab carefully. Avoid contact with the vaginal mucosa.
  7. Uncap the Qx Swab Diluent tube.
  8. Fully insert the collection swab into the Qx Swab Diluent tube.
  9. Break the shaft of the swab at the score mark. Use care to avoid splashing of contents.
  10. Tightly recap the tube.
  11. Label the tube with patient information and date/time collected.
  12. Transport to the laboratory.

Endocervical Specimen Swab Storage and Transport

The Qx Swab Diluent tube with swab must be stored and transported to the laboratory at 2-30°C within 30 days of collection. Alternatively, the Qx Swab Diluent tube may be stored and transported frozen (-20°C) to the laboratory and/or test site within 180 days of collection.