Referral Documentation – Immunology and Allergy

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Information on Referrals for suspected Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.pdfDownload
Flow Chart Management of AngioedemaDownload
Flow Chart Management of UrticariaDownload
Guidance Staphylococcal Decontamination.pdfDownload
Management of Anaphylaxis.pdfDownload
Management of Angioedema.pdfDownload
Referral Advice AnaphylaxisDownload
Referral Advice for Angioedema due to ACE InhibitorsDownload
Referral Advice Chronic Urticaria and AngioedemaDownload
Referral Advice Drug AllergyDownload
Referral Advice Food AllergyDownload
Referral Advice Insect Sting AllergyDownload
Referral Anaphylaxis - Suspected In-Hospital or Peri-OperativeDownload
Referral Seasonal or Perennial Allergic RhinoconjunctivitisDownload
Referral When to refer to Immunology ClinicDownload
Page Created: 16th October 2019
Last Updated: 16th January 2024