The Occupational Therapy service, using a holistic problem solving approach will provide timely and appropriate assessment, treatment and interventions by trained specialist staff. In order to restore function, maximise function and delay effects of disease progression (Romsaas & Rosa, 1995). The nature and process of Occupational Therapy actively supports the appropriate, successful and timely discharge of patients from hospital.

Working within current staffing levels, the service will focus on those patients in the supportive and palliative stages of disease. In times of pressures due to workload and/or staffing the service will operate a prioritisation system, in order to address those individual cases most in need.

The Occupational Therapy intervention will follow an auditable assessment and treatment process. The assessment process will be guided by the problems highlighted in an initial interview. Further assessment for example may take the form of: self-care, functional mobility and transfers, wheelchair assessment, food and drink preparation, environmental assessments, and specialist equipment assessments.

Occupational Therapy works in a fully integrated manner with the ward MDT. This includes networking with service providers across the region on behalf of the patients. We continue to support the CNS teams and wider MDT as a resource for inpatients and outpatients.

Service Lead

Melanie Chudley

Key Contacts

  • Melanie Chudley
  • Sally Ford
  • Zoe Wharf

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm.

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01482 461038