Before you commence any treatment, you will undergo a “pre-assessment” to ensure you are fully informed and safely prepared to start your agreed treatment plan. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your treatment and any implications to you personally.

You will be allocated a slot of around 30 to 60 minutes for your pre-assessment depending on your circumstances. There are some necessary checks to be completed prior to starting chemotherapy to enable to plan a safe and effective treatment pathway.

In addition, we will ensure you are fully aware of all the aims, effects and care aspects in order to confirm your consent so we can address any other issues prior to start of your course of treatment.

In order to use the time allocated effectively, we ask that you bring a list of current medication with you, including over the counter, complementary or herbal remedies.

You will have already been provided with initial written information regarding your specific chemotherapy drugs and we advise you to read through this information prior to attending your assessment so this will enable us to address further any questions you may have.

You are also encouraged to bring someone with you for support and please ensure you have requested hospital transport in advance if required.

Useful Information

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