X-ray tests are commonly done to show up bones and certain other tissues. They are painless and you cannot see or feel x-rays. It is important that you stay still during the x-ray, as otherwise the picture may be blurred. An ordinary x-ray is a quick and easy test that is needed to diagnose or assess various problems.

X-ray facilities are located at:

  • Hull Royal Infirmary (HRI)
  • Castle Hill Hospital (CHH)
  • East Riding Community Hospital in Beverley (ERCH)
  • East Hull X-Ray and Physiotherapy Centre
  • Withernsea Hospital
  • Hornsea Cottage Hospital

Accident and Emergency Imaging is supported at HRI and ERCH only. A 24 hour emergency service is provided at HRI only.

We provide in-patient and out-patient imaging support to a wide range of specialities within the Trust including Neurology, Orthopaedics, Urology, Oncology and Cardiothoracic.

GP services are offered at all our sites. GP referrals for all plain film (x-ray) requests can be appointed by:

  • Telephoning the central booking office at CHH and bringing their request card with them to the appointment
  • Sending the request card to the central booking office at CHH so that an appointment can be sent out via the post

We cannot undertake an x-ray without the referral card.

We allocate appointments according to the next available appointment at any site. We do try and book an appointment at a hospital which is near the patient’s home address. However, sometimes this may not be possible especially if we have longer waits at a particular site (usually HRI).

All diagnostic tests have to be undertaken within 6 weeks of the request being received in the department. However, for plain films we usually complete them within 2 weeks max. for all routine appointments (again this is site specific and is dependent on demand).

Urgent referrals can be done as walk in, if the patient has recent injuries or a recent chest complaint (referral criteria is available). If you do not meet the “walk in referral” criteria, we will always try and appoint within 2 days and phone the patient to make the appointment rather than rely on the post.

As soon as the x-ray images have been taken they are available for reporting by a radiologist. This usually takes place 48 hours after the x-ray has been completed. The results are then posted out to the referring GP. As this can take a while, patients are advised to make an appointment to see their GP 7-10 working days after their appointment to allow time for the GP to receive the result through the post. GPs can also listen to reports via the GP telephone browser system.

Radiographers are not able to give results directly to the patient.

We have a number of extended role radiographers in the department performing and reporting barium enemas, small bowel enemas, proctograms, videofluoroscopy and reporting plain films of extremities, the chest and abdomen.

Some further information about your x-ray appointment which you may find useful: