• Head of Radiology
    Mrs Martine Nutman
  • Divisional Clinical Director
    Dr Chris Rowland Hill
  • Head Scientist
    Dr Glyn Davies
  • Lead Radiologist — body and non-vascular interventional radiology
    Dr Oliver Byass
  • Lead Radiologist — beuro-radiology
    Dr Paul Maliakal
  • Lead Radiologist — vascular radiology
    Dr Graham Robinson
  • Lead Radiologist — musculo-skeletal radiology
    Dr Damian Taylor
  • Deputy Radiology Manager
    Mandy Hay
  • Specialty Manager — general, screening and mobiles
    Ann McFadyen
  • Speciality Manager — ultrasound
    Pamela Parker
  • Specialty Manager — cross sectional imaging
    Nicola Webster
  • Speciality Manager — endovascular
    Anita Echlin
  • Sister, CHH
    Liz Singleton
  • Sister, HRI
    Helen Farrow
  • Service Improvement Facilitator
    Kerry Marson
  • Office Manager, CHH
    Vicki Wallis
  • Office Manager, HRI
    Andrea Wilson