We currently have 56 consultant radiologists.

Lead Radiologists

  • Clinical Director
    Dr Paul Maliakal
  • Lead Radiologist – cross sectional imaging, head and neck
    Dr Nuala Kennan and Dr Corrine Binns
  • Lead Radiologist – non vascular interventional radiology
    Dr James Cast
  • Lead Radiologist – vascular & cardiovascular imaging/intervention
    Professor Duncan Ettles
  • Lead Radiologist – neuro-radiology
    Dr Hitten Joshi
  • Lead Radiologist – musculo-skeletal radiology
    Dr Chaitanya Gupta
  • Lead Radiologist – nuclear medicine & PET CT
    Dr Najeeb Ahmed
  • Lead Radiologist – governance
    Dr Joanna Bates
  • Training Programme Director
    Dr Emma Helbren

The management team is led by the Heads of Radiology, Martine Nutman and Mandy Hay. The team works closely with the clinical leads, other consultant radiologists and all the staff so as to ensure that the department continues to provide a high quality service to all our patients and service users using a valued and committed workforce.