Tetanus Advice Sheet

Patient Experience

  • Reference Number: HEY-885/2018
  • Departments: Emergency Department
  • Last Updated: 31 August 2018

This advice sheet has been produced to give you information about Tetanus.  It is not meant to replace discussion between you and your doctor.  If after reading it, you require further explanation please discuss this with the relevant person caring for you.

You are covered for tetanus if you have received all your childhood three vaccinations followed by two boosters.

If you are not covered for tetanus:

  • You have been given a booster
  • You need to return to your GP to complete the course
  • You have been given Human Anti-Tetanus immunoglobulin
  • If you are unsure about your tetanus status, you will need to discuss this with your GP.

The Department of Health advise routine tetanus vaccinations are combined with a small dose of Diphtheria and Polio vaccinations. If you required a booster, you will have been given a vaccination call Revaxis, which contains anti-tetanus, Diphtheria and inactivated Polio.

Contact numbers for the Emergency Department

Major Injuries Area:  Telephone (01482) 482173

Emergency Care Area:  Telephone (01482) 482101

Children’s Injuries Area:  Telephone (01482) 482108

Under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 we are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information we hold about you. For further information visit the following page: Confidential Information about You.

If you or your carer needs information about your health and well-being and about your care and treatment in a different format, such as large print, braille or audio, due to disability, impairment or sensory loss, please advise a member of staff and this can be arranged.

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