Kidney Transplantation – Advice for Kidney Transplant Recipients

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  • Reference Number: HEY1035/2023
  • Departments: Renal Service
  • Last Updated: 4 August 2023

When a kidney transplant is given to you there are certain responsibilities that lie with you and the transplant team to maximise the life of the transplanted kidney.

Your responsibilities include:


You should take your medication as prescribed to ensure your kidney transplant does not reject and remains healthy.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough medication and to tell the transplant team or your GP if it is running out.


  • You need to attend your outpatient appointments.
  • You will never be discharged.
  • If you do not receive a clinic appointment you must contact the Transplant Nurses on (01482) 674110.


  • Following your transplant it is important that you do not go on holiday abroad until one year after the transplant surgery.
  • You can have a holiday in the UK after the first 6 months following your transplant, providing everything is stable.
  • If you are planning to go on holiday please discuss with your doctor first.


  • Women should wait one year after transplantation before they consider pregnancy and they need to discuss their intention with their consultant as medication changes may be needed.
  • Men with a transplant should also discuss their intentions to father children as they may need a medication review.

Our responsibilities include:

  • To provide you with verbal and written information about your care and treatment.
  • To monitor your transplant kidney function and arrange any additional tests as required.
  • If your transplant kidney fails because you did not take your medication or because you did not attend clinic regularly there will be doubt about your suitability to have a further transplant.


Once you have been discharged from Leeds following your transplant your follow-up appointments will be at 1st Floor Medical Outpatients, Hull Royal Infirmary as detailed below:

  • 3 times a week for the first 4 weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Followed by 2 times a week on Monday and Wednesday until your stent is removed (at approximately 6 weeks after the transplant surgery)
  • Followed by weekly appointments on Wednesday until 3 months after your transplant.
  • Patients who live in Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Bridlington will be offered the opportunity to be transferred back to their centre from 3 months after their transplant, if the kidney function is stable.
  • The frequency of follow up reduces over the year depending on the stability of your kidney function.
  • By the end of the second year most patients are seen in clinic once every 3 months.
  • You will be invited to attend an annual review to promote healthy living.

If you would like to discuss any of the information provided please contact the Transplant Nurse (01482) 674110

Under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 we are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information we hold about you. For further information visit the following page: Confidential Information about You.

If you or your carer needs information about your health and wellbeing and about your care and treatment in a different format, such as large print, braille or audio, due to disability, impairment or sensory loss, please advise a member of staff and this can be arranged.

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