Advice on: Information about your X-ray/Scan

  • Reference Number: HEY-871-2017
  • Departments: Emergency Department

As part of your assessment today you have had an X-ray or a scan.  This has been reviewed by one of the Emergency Department clinicians/practitioners who considers it to be normal.  However, we have a system in the hospital by which all the X-rays and scans taken in the Emergency Department are reviewed and reported by the radiologists (X-ray specialists) within a few days.  If they find an abnormality that has not been spotted initially, we will get in touch with you and advise you about what to do.

Most abnormalities that are missed are minor, even the fractures.  A small number of them may need further treatment, however most do not require further treatment or cause long term damage. In the event that something has been missed, please make sure we have an up-to-date address and telephone number for you so that we may contact you.