Let us know if you can’t make your appointment, if you’ve accidentally missed an appointment, or if you don’t want to attend.

If we’ve sent you an appointment that doesn’t suit you, we can alter it! If you’ve missed an appointment that we sent you, we can quickly book you another one! We have various times, dates and locations to offer – but please be aware that mobile vans move regularly. We may not always be able to rebook your appointment at the same place. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible to rearrange an appointment so we can try to book you at the same place.

Whether or not you attend for screening is your choice. If you feel that breast screening is not right for you at this time, please contact us straight away to cancel your appointment. Our clinics are very busy and your appointment slot could be used for another lady.

Do you have any movement difficulties?

Some of our facilities have steep steps. The x-ray machines require you to be able to move your shoulders, neck and back freely. If these things might cause you problems, please telephone us as soon as you receive your appointment. We may be able to make alternative arrangements for your comfort.

Contact Us

Call us on 01482 622300 or email humberside.bss@hey.nhs.uk