An online portal that puts you in control of your medical records

Patients Know Best (PKB) is a secure online portal that allows you to store your health records in one place to give you instant access to and better control of important information such as appointment letters, appointments, care plans and medical correspondence between you and your healthcare team.

Building an online record of your health can help keep you and those involved in your care informed more regularly, which can lead to better decisions about your health and the care that you need.

With the Patients Know Best portal, you can:

See your health records securely in one place, anytime, anywhere

View your hospital letters and appointments, medical correspondence, and care plans from wherever you are and on any device that has an internet connection.

Share your health information with whoever you choose

Instantly share your health record with carers, family members and other health professionals involved in your care. This can be particularly helpful if you see a new clinician, or in an emergency. Ultimately, you will have complete control over who can see the information that sits on the Patients Know Best portal.

Record important information and track your progress

Update your medical information in real time on things like medication, allergies, and diagnoses. You can also use the online journal to record and monitor any symptoms you are experiencing.

Questionnaires can be added to the system to help monitor your symptoms, including online messaging from members of your care team.

You and your care teams can upload documents to PKB into a Library. Our teams will also be able to provide links to a range of other resources and websites which may offer helpful information to support your wellness and recovery.

The system will also reduce the number of physical visits to our Hospitals as some consultations can be carried out over the telephone or attending appointments by video call.

Patients Know Best as seen on a tablet

Please note: Not all of the portal’s features are available in all of our services, but we are rapidly expanding across our Trust.

All data is encrypted and your clinical information is only available to your Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust clinical team and you. You are also able to give permission for this to be available to other hospitals, your carer or members of your family, but only if you choose to.

Learn more about the portal’s features and benefits, including how your data is protected.

How to register

If you have received an email inviting you to register with the service, click here to go to the registration page on the Patients Know Best website. The video below will guide you through the registration process.

For more details on how to register, including a list of common questions about the registration process, click here.

If you have received an email a letter inviting you to register with the service, click here to go to the registration page on the Patients Know Best website. The video below will guide you through the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions