Dementia Champions within Radiotherapy

Patient Experience

  • Reference Number: HEY-999/2021
  • Departments: Radiotherapy
  • Last Updated: 22 April 2021


Our department aims to provide a dementia friendly environment for patients so we have a designated waiting area at CL1 / CL2 for patients with dementia or memory impairment.

Our vision is to provide safe, high quality care to every person affected by dementia and memory impairment.

The department offers patients the opportunity to opt into the butterfly scheme and ‘Reach out to me’ questionnaires to aid in informing staff on how they can provide individual support to patients while they attend hospital.

Your departmental Dementia Champions are:

Stacey Wadsworth – Radiotherapy Team Leader

Robert Brown – Senior Radiographer

Lydia Dearing – Radiographer

Please feel free to ask staff for further information.

Should you require further advice on the issues contained in this advice sheet, please do not hesitate to contact the Information team on telephone number: (01482) 461206

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