Decolonisation Pre-Central Line Insertion – Patient Information

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  • Reference Number: HEY-1314/2022
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  • Last Updated: 31 August 2022

Why do I need this?

Your dialysis line is extremely important for giving you access to the haemodialysis machine. They are plastic and can carry bugs into your blood stream. Cleaning your skin and nose with these preparations can reduce your carriage of bugs that can infect your line. This therefore reduces your risk of developing complications such as sepsis (blood stream infection).

How do I use the body wash?

In the shower or bath, wash your body and hair with the wash instead of shower gel/soap. Pay special attention to washing the upper chest and neck area, your underarms, your groin, and the area around your bottom.

How do I use the nasal ointment?

Apply a small amount of the ointment (about the size of a match head) on a cotton bud or little finger and apply it to the inside of each nostril. You should then press the sides of your nose together to close your nostrils and spread the ointment around inside. Make sure you wash your hands before and after applying the ointment and avoid contact with your eyes.

What if I get side effects from these treatments?

If you develop irritation or any rash with the nasal ointment or body wash, stop its use immediately, rinse the affect areas with water, and contact your local renal unit as we have alternative treatments that you can use instead.

CAUTION- Do not use Naseptin nasal cream if you have peanut/soya allergies

Keep away from children and away from fire as some products (chlorhexidine) are flammable.

When do I need to use these treatments?

You may be asked to use the body wash and nasal ointment directly before an urgent line insertion if you have come into hospital unwell with a kidney problem. You will be instructed by the doctors and nurses regarding the duration of the treatment. Whilst you are in hospital with a temporary dialysis line it is very important to continue the body wash once a day, and the nasal ointment three times a day to reduce the risk of infection and sepsis.

If you are coming in for a planned outpatient procedure such as a line insertion, we will provide you with the wash and nasal cream ahead of time. You should wash yourself with this as escribed above the night before the procedure, and on the morning of the procedure, too.

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