Child Head Injury Discharge Advice

Patient Experience

  • Reference Number: HEY-869/2017
  • Departments: Paediatrics
  • Last Updated: 1 April 2018

Hull Royal Infirmary, Anlaby Road, Hull HU3 2JZ

  • Main Switchboard: (01482) 875875
  • Ward 130: (01482) 675130
  • Acorn Ward: (01482) 382703
  • Children’s Emergency: (01482) 482108
  • Department: (01482) 482114

Your child has suffered a minor head injury but is now medically fit for discharge. However if you have any concerns or notice any of the following within 2-3 days please see your GP or contact the Emergency Department:

  • Any unusual behaviour, drowsiness or sleepiness for longer than 1 hour, outside normal time of sleep/nap
  • Unconsciousness or lack of full consciousness
  • Inability to wake your child from sleep
  • Headache that wont go away
  • If your child has a fit/seizure
  • Unsteadiness on feet, loss of balance or problems walking
  • Weakness in the upper or lower limbs
  • Problems with the eyesight
  • Excessive vomiting (greater than 3 time)
  • Clear fluid from ears or nose
  • Bleeding from one or both ears


The following will help with your child’s recovery: 

  • Plenty of rest and avoiding stressful situations
  • Avoiding sleeping pills and sedatives unless prescribed
  • Do not permit them to play contact sports for at least 3 weeks, unless discussed with your doctor

Make sure your child is well by doing the following: 

  • Do not allow them to return to school until you feel they are completely recovered
  • Do not leave them alone for the first 48 hours after discharge from hospital
  • Make sure you can contact medical services urgently in case of an emergency.

Further information is available from the Child Brain Injury Trust: