Young Health Champions Together volunteers making an impact

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Last month, we launched our new volunteering project in partnership with City Health Care Partnership (CHCP).

The ‘Young Health Champions Together’ project offers students the opportunity to gain valuable insight into different areas and specialisms on offer in the health sector.

Students are not limited to volunteering in the hospital setting alone. With CHCP’s involvement in the project, students will have the option to volunteers in community-based healthcare facilities such a community hospitals and care facilities too.

The Young Health Champion Volunteer programme for 16-25-year-olds has been operating successfully within Hull Hospitals for a decade now, delivering a proven model that has yielded powerful outcomes.

Many volunteers have either gone on to university or to pursue careers in healthcare across the Yorkshire region.

The Youth Health Champions Together project builds on this success, seeking to enrich the volunteer experience while equipping young people for future healthcare roles.

We’ve created a video the impact our young volunteers are already making in their roles.

Read more about this pioneering project here.