Breast screening unit finds new home at Showground

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The exterior of the mobile breast screening unit

A health screening service which had to leave Driffield in 2021 has found a new home in the town.

The mobile breast screening unit, operated by the Humberside Breast Screening Service (HBSS), will be situated at Driffield Showground for the next three months as patients from Driffield and surrounding areas take up their screening invitations.

Karen Hallberg, Superintendent Radiographer with the HBSS explains:

“Until 2021, the mobile screening unit was based within the local supermarket car park, but changes to the layout meant that it was no longer able to accommodate our breast screening unit which needs a large amount of space to operate and manoeuvre.

“We were unable to find an alternative site at the time with all the space and facilities we needed, such as power, toilets and parking, and as a result, we had to invite people to attend Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham for their breast screening appointments.

“This naturally led to concerns that this would become a permanent arrangement, and that the unit would not return to the town. However, we’re really pleased to say that, following some really constructive discussions with David Tite and his team, Driffield Showground will now be used to site our mobile screening unit whenever it comes to town.”

The mobile breast screening unit visits Driffield once every three years. Earlier this month, it began its latest rotation to the town and the team expects to screen around 4,500 people before moving on again at the end of April.

Karen adds:

“We know people are more likely to take up screening invitations when they are convenient and close to home, so the fact we’ve been able to base ourselves within Driffield once again is good news for everyone. We’re incredibly grateful to David and all the team at Driffield Showground for their support.”