Hull Hospitals celebrate 10 years of Apprenticeships success

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The Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is proud to announce and commemorate its 10th apprenticeship anniversary, marking a decade of exceptional achievements and unwavering commitment to nurturing local talent.

HUTH has been at the forefront of healthcare education and training, providing valuable opportunities for young people who aspire to pursue careers in various roles available in the Trust. The apprenticeship programme also enables the Trust to grow its own staff while training health professionals for the wider local communities.

Apprenticeship programmes at the Trust cover a wide range of levels, starting from Level 2, equivalent to GCSE, and extending to up to Level 7, equivalent to a Master’s degree. In the past decade, the Trust has supported over 900 individuals, including staff as they embarked on apprenticeships across a variety of disciplines such as, nursing, pharmacy support, healthcare science and clinical support. Currently, there are about 201 staff actively studying for their apprenticeships.

The success of the apprenticeship programme is evident in the stories of the apprentices themselves.

Five years after joining the Trust as an apprentice, Jack Lister notes that the programme “gave me a great opportunity to learn the skills needed to strive in a workplace environment and the NHS. I still use many of those skills now in my current role. The apprentice programme allowed me to grow as a person, expand my knowledge and gain full-time employment. I am now a Team Leader for Gastroenterology.”

Chloe Smart-Lee, a former apprentice who is now a Learning and Development Technician, reflects on her journey: “Throughout all stages of the apprenticeship, I received mass amounts of support from my colleagues, managers and even people from different departments. I have learned new skills and processes that I can use both inside and outside of work. I am now able to problem-solve and use my innovative skills to develop new technologies for and my department.”

These successes can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the commitment to excellence in education and patient care laying a foundation for these apprenticeships.

By providing a supportive and stimulating learning environment, apprentices have been able to acquire the skills, knowledge and values necessary to thrive within their perspective fields.

Anne Burdis, Widening Participation Manager said: “The 10th anniversary of our apprenticeship programme is a significant milestone for HUTH. We are immensely proud of the countless individuals who have benefitted from our apprenticeship initiatives over the past decade. Their contributions to the healthcare and other sectors have been truly inspiring.”

“The apprenticeship programmes have been instrumental in shaping the careers of countless individuals while significantly enhancing the quality of care we provide. In an era of rapidly evolving healthcare challenges, we recognise the importance of innovation and adaptability,” Anne added.

The Trust’s emphasis on collaboration and mentorship has also played a pivotal role in shaping the apprenticeship experience. Apprentices are paired with experienced staff who act as their mentors, guiding them through the intricacies of their professions.

This hands-on approach fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and encourages the transfer of expertise from one generation to the next.

Through these apprenticeships, individuals have been given the chance to embark on rewarding careers in healthcare, irrespective of their socioeconomic status or educational background.

One of the hallmarks of the Trust’s apprenticeship programmes is its inclusivity. By actively seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds and communities, the Trust has opened doors to those who may have traditionally faced barriers to entry.

Debbie Elton, Widening Participation Practitioner said: “We have been able to create opportunities for people from a wide range of backgrounds, ensuring that our workforce is diverse and inclusive. Our apprenticeship programme has enabled us to engage with our local community and provide a platform for people to gain the skills they need to succeed. We encourage everyone to apply, there are many apprenticeship opportunities available within the Trust.”

Apprenticeships are advertised throughout the year. There is more information on the Trust’s apprenticeships website and everyone is welcome to apply.