Study to assess alcohol habits before, during and after pregnancy

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Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s maternity department is working in alliance with the University of Hull’s research department to support midwives in their efforts to assess alcohol habits before, during and after pregnancy. The research study is called the CHAMPION study.

What does this mean for me? –

When you attend you community antenatal appointments, some individuals will be asked to complete a short questionnaire asking about your alcohol habits while you wait for your appointment. Take this questionnaire into your appointment with you and give it to your midwife to complete. You have the choice to complete these forms and information is completely confidential and will help us to support your midwives to give you the best information during your pregnancy.

What if I don’t want to take part? –

The questionnaire is completely optional, and you have every right to decline taking part.

What happens with this information? –

The questionnaire will go to our research midwife who will anonymously input the data onto a confidential database for analysis by the University’s research team. This information will help the team identify any need for staff training, clinical needs (more appointment time, more staff, more resources) and any issues from the participating clinical team. Therefore, your participation will help mould the future of the maternity services in the area and influence clinical practice, enhancing safe care for you and your family.

What would happen after the questionnaire? –

After the questionnaire, you will have the option to leave your phone number if you would be happy for a member of the research team to contact you to explain the process of a short, simple interview process – please note, leaving your phone number doesn’t mean you have agreed to be interviewed, it is simply a small chat to explain the interview process further. If you agree to be interviewed, the researcher will ask you a series of questions about your experience of completing the questionnaires and any issues you came across. No answer is right or wrong and your answers will be kept confidential.

We thank you in advance for your participation in our CHAMPION study.