Chiron Medal for Hull’s Dr Eirini Kasfiki

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Dr Kasfiki’s contribution to medical education has earned her this prestigious Royal College award

A Hull doctor has received a prestigious Royal College honour for her contribution to medical training.

Dr Eirini Kasfiki, a consultant in acute and general medicine based at Hull Royal Infirmary, has been awarded the Chiron Medal from the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE).

For the past five years, Dr Kasfiki has worked with the Trust’s simulation laboratory, pioneering modern methods of teaching that are both responsive to clinical need and, more recently, effective under pandemic-related restrictions. For example, she has been leading work to convert some traditional face-to-face educational sessions into a 360° virtual reality experience for trainee doctors.

As well as her skills in clinical simulation and medical education, Dr Kasfiki, who is also the Trust’s training programme director for acute internal medicine, is known for her genuine interest in the welfare and working lives of trainee doctors. Dr Kasfiki still kept in contact with trainees during a period of maternity leave, for example, and made sure to reach out to them during the Covid pandemic to find out how they were coping with challenges and ensure their training needs were still met.

Dr Kasfiki’s proficiency in training and teaching is said to be best reflected in the confidence her colleagues and fellow medical educators place in her to deliver effective training, which enables a culture of excellence to flourish across Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

She says:

“I’m honoured to receive this award. I think it’s a reflection of the values and commitment of the wider Acute Medical Team at Hull University Teaching Hospitals.”

The Chiron Medal for excellence in teaching and training is awarded to an individual physician every year by the RCPE.

Dr Kasfiki will be presented with the Chiron Medal at the College’s annual St. Andrews Day symposium, to be held virtually this year, on Thursday 25 November.