Please wear your mask when visiting hospital buildings

Communications TeamNews

We’ve still got around 50 people seriously ill with Covid-19 in our hospitals. And we still need your help to control the spread of the virus.

All visitors must wear a mask, sanitise their hands and follow social distancing rules as soon as they enter Hull Royal Infirmary, Castle Hill Hospital or any of our hospital buildings.

Because we continue to see high levels of infection in our community, please do not try to visit our wards if you do not wear a mask. You must wear a mask or face covering or you will not be able to visit.

Please understand we have a duty to protect all of our patients, not just your loved ones, who need to be in hospital.

Many of our patients are at a high risk of serious illness or even death if they contracted Covid-19. They’ve been protecting themselves at home and we have a duty to continue to protect them when they need to come to hospital.

We must also protect our dedicated and hardworking staff who continue to give their all to care for us, our relatives, our friends and our neighbours 19 months on from the start of the pandemic. Their health has to be protected too so they can continue to come to work to do their jobs.

Remember that one in five of us can be infected with this deadly virus without even knowing because they don’t have symptoms. You might think you’re safe to come to hospital without a mask but you could have a virus that causes the risk of serious illness or even death to another person.

We know families are desperate to see their loved ones and you can, if you wear a mask and follow our rules around visiting.

If you are not wearing a mask, please don’t attempt to enter any of our hospitals expecting to be allowed to visit someone on a ward. We’re making progress against the virus but we need your help and your cooperation to avoid the risk of another wave.

We know Covid-19 isn’t over. Our teams see it every day still.  With your help, we can stop this deadly virus spreading to our most sick and vulnerable patients and the fantastic staff who work so hard to care for them.