‘Administrative backbone’ of Hull Hospitals thanked for pandemic efforts

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Scores of hospital staff have been thanked for being the “administrative backbone” of Hull’s hospitals during Covid-19.

Around 70 Ward Clerks have been redeployed to wards throughout the tower block, Hull Women and Children’s Hospital and Hull Eye Hospital for the past 12 months.

And 37 Ward Clerks have stepped forward to work on different wards throughout Castle Hill Hospital as the trust has dealt with three separate waves of the virus since March 2020.

Just some of our amazing ward clerks

In full PPE, they have dealt with an increase in calls from worried relatives, coped with new roles and undertaken new tasks in unfamiliar surroundings as part of Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s response to the pandemic.

Tracey Tuck and Jenny Hart, who lead a team of almost 70 Ward Clerks at Hull Royal Infirmary, thanked their team for all they’ve done in the past year – and continue to do – for staff and patients.

Tracey said: “During the pandemic the Ward Clerks have been the admin backbone of the wards.

“Some have had to work on Covid wards wearing full PPE while others have trained new starters, swapped shifts and even wards, away from the clinical staff they have been used to working with.

“They have also had to deal with extra phone calls as restrictions on visiting had to be put in place to protect patients and staff as well as dealing with an increase in admissions and discharges.

“ We would like to say a big “thank you” to all the Ward Clerks for their help and dedication in the last 12 months.

“We are proud of each and every one of them.”

Ward Clerk Manager Zoe Mapes, who looks after the Castle Hill team, said: “We’ve had wards closing and changing over to look after Covid patients and yet our staff have done absolutely everything we’ve asked them to do.

“They’ve been working right next to bays where Covid patients are being treated and they’ve been absolutely fantastic. They’ve just cracked on with it.

“We are just so proud of them and what has been a horrible situation has been so much easier to manage because of such a dedicated and willing workforce. I can’t thank them enough.”