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Help us to shape the future of your healthcare services

Across the Humber, the NHS and local partners are looking at ways to improve healthcare in our region and we want your input to help us make the best changes for you and your family.

The Humber Acute Services programme is looking at how to make healthcare work better for local people. It is looking at the types of healthcare and treatments that people typically receive from one of our five main hospitals in the region:

  • Hull Royal Infirmary
  • Castle Hill Hospital
  • Goole and District Hospital
  • Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby
  • Scunthorpe General Hospital

We are thinking about how these services could be provided differently in the future, whether in hospitals or GP surgeries, at home or on the high street.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey to help us understand what is most important to you as we work to plan for the future.

You can find out more about why we need to make changes and keep up to date on the work of the Humber Acute Services programme at: www.humbercoastandvale.org.uk/humberacutereview