Cameras return to Hull’s A&E

Communications TeamNews

TV cameras will join the staff and patients of Hull Royal Infirmary once again this autumn when filming begins for series 2 of “A&E After Dark”.

The programme, made by Crackit Productions, provides a ‘warts and all’ account of life in Hull’s busy emergency department, one of just a handful of major trauma centres across the country.

The first series, which was broadcast on Channel 5 during June and July, peaked at over 2 million viewers. Hospital staff praised the docu-series for providing a very real account of what it’s like to work the A&E night shift, while viewers were left full of admiration for the staff and horrified by the abusive behaviour they face on a regular basis.

Now, Crackit Productions have been given the go-ahead to film a further 10 episodes which will also reflect how the current challenges associated with COVID19 are impacting upon staff and the wider department. Filming will begin this week.

Teresa Cope, Chief Operating Officer for Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust says:

“The response to the first series of A&E After Dark was overwhelmingly positive. It provided a real insight into the clinical and emotional challenges our staff face on a daily basis, and the very unpredictable nature of their work.

“We know our staff do amazing things, but they largely happen behind the scenes, and it’s important to us that people see them.

“We want people to watch the series, to see some of the really serious and life-threatening cases that come through the doors, and to feel proud of the clinical expertise we have right here in Hull. We also want people to watch the series and reflect on their own use of A&E; do you really need to be here? Could you have been treated elsewhere? Was your behaviour towards staff appropriate?

“People were amazed just how A&E is used, and in some cases abused, in the first series, but we saw an enormous outpouring of support and appreciation for our staff. The current situation with COVID19 presents them with an additional set of challenges, so the next round of filming will really help to capture a place in time and show how, even when faced with a global pandemic, our staff still take it all in their stride and rise to the challenge.

“We’re looking forward to working with Crackit again to deliver another eye-opening series of programmes which shows just how remarkable our people really are.”