Over 70s sought to take part in COVID vaccine trial

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Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is looking for volunteers aged 70 and over to take part in our trial of a vaccine for COVID-19 developed at the University of Oxford.

Patient information sheets which offer more details about the study can be found on the trial website: https://www.covid19vaccinetrial.co.uk/participate-hull-1

Consultant in Infectious Diseases and principal researcher for the vaccine trial in Hull, Patrick Lillie, said:

“Researchers need to trial the vaccine in people of all ages to make sure the vaccine is effective no matter how old someone is. Participation in this trial could really make a difference during the Covid19 pandemic.

“We need healthy people aged 70 and over to contact us. In general, COVID-19 is more dangerous for older people, so a vaccine would be particularly beneficial for people in older age groups. The vaccine does not contain the virus so it is impossible to catch coronavirus or develop COVID-19 from the vaccine itself.

“I would urge people to contact us and help us with this vital study.”

Anyone interested should click on the ‘Pre-Screening Questionnaire’ button and complete the online form at https://www.covid19vaccinetrial.co.uk/participate-hull-1

If you have any questions about the study please don’t hesitate to contact us: hyp-tr.huth-oxvaccinetrial@nhs.net