Hear our Infectious Diseases consultants talk about Covid-19 at our AGM

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The first confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK were confirmed at Castle Hill Hospital on 29th January, 2020. Ever since then our staff have been on the frontline in the fight against this terrible illness. Tragically, over 200 patients, including two of our colleagues, have lost their lives.

At our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 13 July, 12pm-2pm, you can hear our Infectious Diseases team tell their story, via video conference. Describing the first moment Coronavirus arrived in the UK all the way to our current position in the hospitals, this will be a first-hand account of how NHS staff have worked together to keep us safe.

With introductions from our Chairman, Terry Moran, we will pay tribute to our staff and remember everyone who has lost their lives  this year.

The AGM also includes a review of the year from Chief Executive, Chris Long, as well as a look at our financial position with Chief Finance Officer, Lee Bond.

If you wish to join us from 12pm on the 13th July, please let us know by emailing us at hyp-tr.comms@nhs.net and we will send dial in details to you.

Please note that we will be recording this meeting  held in public in order to make it available to staff and if possible, the public, afterwards. If you join via video link your image may be captured as part of the meeting.  If you do not wish your image to be recorded, please do not turn on your camera

Due to bandwith restrictions numbers are limited but we will seek to accommodate as many people as possible.