City’s thank you message to NHS staff

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Hospital staff in Hull have received a thank you message with a difference this morning.

Night staff finishing their shifts, hospital transport drivers starting their rounds, and health workers getting set for another day’s work on the Hull Royal Infirmary site were greeted with a giant ‘Thank you NHS’ message painted on the road.

The ‘thank you NHS’ message at the entrance to Argyle Street car park

Hull City Council arranged for the message, which appears once on Lansdowne Street just near to the HRI tower block and again at the entrance to the hospital’s Argyle Street car park, to be painted overnight.

Matt Jukes, Chief Executive of Hull City Council says:

“This is just a small recognition of the incredible work our NHS colleagues are doing during the current crisis.

“The message is one of thanks on behalf of all of the people of Kingston upon Hull to NHS staff working in these challenging times.

“It is a very small gesture, but we believe it’s a wonderful way to show NHS staff that they are all in the hearts and minds of a very grateful city.”

Chris Long, Chief Executive at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust says:

“In recent weeks, we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of thanks of appreciation for NHS staff, and this is a fantastic show of support from one of our closest partners.

“Hull City Council’s special message which appeared this morning will no doubt have been a lovely surprise for hospital workers going home after a long night shift or staff just arriving for another day at work.

“We’re really grateful to colleagues at the local authority for thinking of us and bolstering our spirits in this way.”