Tommy’s hair-raising thank you for NHS staff

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A young boy from Hull is showing coronavirus and the NHS workers who are battling it that ‘he means business’.

Moved by recent events and aware just how hard NHS staff are working, seven-year-old Tommy Henry from north Hull decided to do something to show his support.

Tommy, who also has relatives working in healthcare, opted for a sponsored head shave. He then enlisted friends and family to help him raise money to buy treats and essentials for frontline NHS staff.

In a few hair-raising seconds, his locks were gone, but he’d managed to raise a whopping £130 to say thank you to the people, in his words, “protecting the people”.

Tommy’s mum, Nicole Henry, said:

“Tommy asked of his own accord to raise money to buy products for NHS staff. He said he wanted to shave his hair off because he ‘meant business’ and he said he wanted to help the people ‘protecting our people’.

“I am so proud of Tommy and his compassion for NHS staff at such a hard time.”

Tommy’s trolley-full of goods was recently delivered to staff working in Hull Royal Infirmary’s Emergency Department.

Hospital staff are really grateful to Tommy

Sister, Emma Jones, said:

“All the nursing and medical team in the Emergency Department want to say a big thank you to Tommy for his kind gesture. We think he was really brave to shave his hair off!

“It’s great to know that we have so much support from the public during these unprecedented times.

“Tommy has brought a smile to everyone’s face. Thank you Tommy, you’re our little hero!”